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A Web Page consist of 4 factors in establishing a strategy. Determine Goal: What is the purpose of your design and what are the measurable outcome? Define your Brand: What is the message your trying to send out? Define your Buyers: Who is the defined target audience? How do you want them to perceive you? Analyze your Competition: Who are the top-ranked competitors and how do they distinguish them selves?

Creativity, on the other hand, is inherently disruptive. It's the burst and spark of a new idea so brilliant that it interrupts whatever you’re doing just so you can get it onto paper. At a glance, it also appears to be completely opposed to productivity. You can’t quantify it. You can’t measure it. It simply is. That’s great for developing big ideas but maybe not so much for those looming deadlines. Can productivity and creativity really be balanced or are they fundamentally at odds with one another? We believe that creativity leads to productivity, provided that the workplace environment is developed and nurtured in a way that allows the two to peacefully co-exist. This is why you can trustSouthern Directionin delivering the look and feel of your company.

Construction, education, healthcare, retail, and large-scale food service and catering companies tend to require more customized application development, because they have specific needs that are usually outside the scope of COTS programs. For example, in service sectors such as construction and food service, these companies have to coordinate multiple moving parts to complete a bid or a job. They also have to be able to communicate bid and invoice information with clients. To do something like that effectively would require multiple COTS programs: one for spreadsheets or databases, a word processing program for writing bids and invoices, an invoicing or bookkeeping program to manage payments, and possibly an internal project management program. There would be a lot of cutting and pasting between programs, too, since these kinds of programs usually aren’t integrated with each other. Developing customized applications in house or hiring developers to build customized software can ultimately save frustration, time, and money, because you’ll be able to operate on a much more efficient level. If you or your customers have needs that existing software can’t meet, it’s time to shop around for custom software development.

If you want to give your organic efforts to rank in search a bit of a jumpstart, it might make sense to dabble in Google AdWords, Google's pay-per-click (PPC) product. If you have yet to try it, here's how it works: You create ads that target specific keywords related to your business, and your ads appear above or to the right of organic search results on Google when people search for these keywords (see screenshot below). The cost your ads depend on the competitiveness of the keyword you're targeting, but you only pay if visitors actually click on your ad. For more resources about how to do PPC effectively.

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